Friday, June 6, 2008

Cosmic Headphone Love!!!!

The album isn't out just yet...look for it late summer, early fallish. The original release date was supposed to be April, so the good people at Theme magazine gave a great review! Love is good!
Here's what it says: "Brooklyn's Eagle Nebula brings to the world her debut album "Cosmic Headphones, a musical collection of high creative tastes produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow and executive produced by Dudley Perkins (of Stones Throw fame). Her throwback delivery and playful lyrics immediately brought back memories of a time when true hip hop was king. Witty and intelligent, Eagle playfully rhymes about living with optimism in "Daily Debut" but can switch gears to the personally contemplative "What I Like" without skipping a beat. Her message is positive and inspirational without coming off as tacky or preachy. "Cosmic Headphones" is a fresh breath of air in a rap game that is currently polluted with ringtone singles and recycled cliches as an excuse for lyrical content. Do yourself a favor and see what the new wave of hip hop sounds like."

Eagle Nebula in Trace magazine

The folks at Trace had nice things to say: "Bringing the fun back into hip hop, Eagle Nebula challenges the scene to reminisce on days when freestyle sessions were like medicine and the street was a breeding ground for the modern-day renaissance. On her latest EP, "Cosmic Headphones", she begs you to enter her mind and spirit on a journey from Inglewood, Calf. to Brooklyn, NY as she morphs into a mic goddess, passion on her tongue. Using rhyme styles and voice play that has her compared stylistically to mighty KRS-One, this EP serves as an introduction to Eagle's many layers. Cosmic Headphones will be released on the ePistrophik Peach Sound label (founded by soul-hip-hop veterans Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins)."