Tuesday, February 5, 2008

love rant #1

Put on your crown and look around
the whole earth, Up and Down
reclaim your legacy, it's all around
for centuries it's been cashed in pound for pound
So take back your crown and look around...

My one wish for everybody is that they love themselves. This is the first step toward progress in anything. Love is the first breath and the energy that allows breath to be. The Earth is our castle, we were all chosen to be here at this particular time in our own particular way. Born to learn a lot and teach even more, everyday, from day 1 to day zero. Our purpose is to always aim higher, to push ourselves up to levitate, to become more etheric. To know the vibration of spirit better than we know the vibration of our cell phones. If we know love, we will know peace. Love and war do not exist on the same plain. To know love (and we all know it cuz we were made in love, even if for just a second:) is to know the true energy that is communicated through this planet. If we know of love, we can build love all around us, everywhere we go.

1 comment:

achali said...


we gotta know ourselves too.

they have to be simultaneous i think, or every codependent, because it's hard for one to love one's self without knowing one's self.