Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Video from Ghana!!!

I had the phenomenal opportunity to take part in the inagural Pan African Literary Forum in Ghana, West Africa. I went as the June Jordan Scholar in Poetry and spent a week workshopping poems with Pulitzer Prize winning poet Yousef Kumanyakaa! The experience was super dope!!!! I got to build on the literary tradition with writers from all over the world including, Tyhemba Jess, author of Leadbelly(he took that gangsta photo of me too), Patricia Jabbeh Welsely, Niq Mihlongo of S. Africa, and Binyavanga of Kenya and many more, too many to name! All that I can say is that I learned a lot a lot a lot and loved every moment of being in Ghana again, since it is my second home town after living there for about a year and change in the early part of the century!!!!I even got to rock a show with Grand Master Massese of Kenya! Talk about superdope Pan African Collabo!!!! Then, I took some time away from the writers and hooked up with long time homegirl, Ghanain rock star AB! We recorded a tune at the Asasease studio in Dansoman! I took some video and might one day post more!!! Njoy!
Yes I do love Africa!!!!! Yes I love Ghana!!!! regardless of those cheating ass taxi drivers!!!

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