Friday, October 30, 2009

The Monthly Bondfire!

How do I begin to tell you how amazing this show was! First, I gotta shout out Conscious and TastyKeish for being such hardcore supporters of Independent Hip Hop!

We celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Bondfire and Conscious' BornDay YAAAAY! With some incredible artists, including MC K-Swift, Spills, SleepWalkas, Super King Armor, Coole High, DJ Boosh Wheelz! [Tah Phrum Duh Bush], live painting with Martalicia, and many more!

The place was packed and the crowd was HELLA lovely! This was one of those shows that fuels me to keep going, even when money is low, even when it seems like no one cares. I am thankful to every single person who came out on this rainy, NYC night to GO COSMIC! Hope it made you feel as good as I felt. Here are some shots from the night courtesy of Elan Artist at I AM...Magazine
Rapper face! RAAAAAARR!!!!!!
The magical mystic!
Then, POISON PEN rocked with a double shot of Tequilla! YES!!! Dopeness!

We dropped love bombs, traveled in a spaceship, and gave the middle finger to wack day jobs!!! Don't be sad. If you missed this one, you can come to She's So Fresh, next week 11/5 @ Karma Lounge!

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TastyKeish said...

love this post! thank you and Pro for the art you brought to the show! LOVE BOMBS!!