Wednesday, June 16, 2010


CoCo the Icon
On Sunday night, I had the pleasure of interviewing SWV at BB Kings for CoCo's 40th birthday celebration for I was also on assignment as their personal photographer for the night. I've gotta say that being around these women, hearing them sing the songs I grew up singing made me realize how important they must be to anyone who grew up listening to RnB and hip hop in the 90's. They had a track with Wu-Tang before it was "the thing to do" and let us all know why three part harmony was so beautiful! Plus, when the performed the "Anything" remix, they knew, and shouted every WU verse at the top of their lungs!
*This is a self portrait of me, LeLe, the awards they were presented with and CoCo's B-day cake*
I've gotta say that in working with Centric these past few months, and therefore, being more aware of the mainstream than I would even like to admit, I can't help but notice that today, there are very few singers in the mainstream that are darker than a brown paper bag. The women of SWV are undeniably black and beautiful! They have the energy of your best homegirl that you grew up with or your favorite auntie! Here are some pics from the night! Enjoy the interview too! I've got to admit, it wasn't my tightest interview, but it's SWV, so you should enjoy it anyway!

Soul Sesssions//SWV from Centric TV on Vimeo.

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