Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Nebs!

This past Wednesday, 10-20-10 was my 28th birthday! I was kind of hype! If you wanna know me, you gotta know that I’m a fan of the number 10, and that 10-20-10 was, visually, was a dope day to me because it represents the balance of the Libra(Deep stuff…I know) Anyway, I’m usually not into going out on my birthday, but this year, I was feeling so brand new, that I decided to have a night out with my beloved fiancé, Protius. I told him that I wanted whiskey, German Chocolate cake, and dancing. YUM.

We started off the evening with a champagne toast at home (If you wanna know me, know that I'm a fan of Andre champagne, Moet is Overrated! HA!) followed by the world’s most delicious German chocolate cake from Black Hound Bakery NYC. I love Black Hound, but they don’t have a seating area, so we carried the goods back home from the city.

Then, the one and only DJ Chela was spinning her weekly party at Happy Endings NYC. The music was great (see Cameo and other Funk Gods), folks bought me whiskey ;) and there was even a girl there doing make-up/face paint. Pro and I got made up and danced the night away!

I'm welcoming this new year feeling renewed. Feeling more sure and secure in myself than ever. This year, I will show no remorse and never take no for an answer. This year I'm feeling bold and carefree so get ready for straight shots and curve balls! I'm so excited for what this life has in store for me and I'm looking forward to hitting you with as many details of the journey as possible!

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