Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:( cold already...self imposed house arrest...

So you know how we do around these parts! We PLAY DRESS UP and have a PHOTOSHOOT inside the warm apartment!!!! It's so warm! Pure joy! First-I made the green toule headgear --and the cosmic headphones... Oh- you ain't know that I wuz crafty, huh! I'm an artist...stay makin' ish.Thanks Protius for taking these pics and doing all that magic that you do! Speaking of craftiness and all thangs crafty! I've found my love for sewing and making jewelry again. How'd that happen. Well,first it got cold, then I got soooooooo annoyed going shopping and finding that the ish I like costs like thousands of dollars that have yet to find their way to my wallet... So i'm sayin'...I got my thousand dollar style for about 30 cents!!!! HOLLA! You might be seeing a clothing line from me in twenty 09? Another job! Absolutley...y'all ain't know i'm Jamaican mayn!

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