Monday, January 4, 2010

Me and my nephew Kenny!

Hey Y'all! The proud auntie in me has to let you know that
my nephew Kenny is 10 yrs old today! Time flies!
I remember being called to the hospital while he was being born!
He and I have a yearly tradition of recording a song and a music
video every year around this time. I usually only share these videos
with fam, but this year he told me that he wanted me to post it on my
blog to share with all of you :) It's a freestyle...we talk about Corn Dogs,
professional development, and of course, Go(ing) Cosmic! Enjoy!
The beat is "DFTF" off the "Yancey Boys" Instrumental album,
produced by Jay Dee. YAY Youth!


Caits Meissner said...

SO FREAKING CUTE! I miss you!!!

neda said...

KENNY IS 10- Wow! Love the video and freestyle, he's totally your mini me...!