Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Street Gospel!

Dear Suga Free,
You are the only pimp I love!
I thank you for your phenomenal lyricism
and your ability to speak the truth...your crazy quotables!
You are a West Coast legend. *throws up dub*

9th grade...this was my jam! Still is! You gotta see me on the school bus with all the L.A.C.E.S Inglewood/Hawthorne/Compton transplants chanting all these jams at the top of our lungs! The album is Street Gospel and has more hip hop quotables on it than the entire last decade of hip hop has produced. A lot of cats outside of Cali don't know about Suga Free *shame, but it's not your fault*
*note the cameo by THEO (the Asian dude with the sexy voice from 92.3 the beat) *my LA folks know what's up!
Pick anyone of these lines as your mantra for 2010, and be changed forever!
-If you stay ready, you ain't got to get ready
-Get yo' money why you bull$hittin!
-Same thang go around gonna come right back around!
-Now I ain't tryna break nair finga nail by goin oops upside yo' head!
-Imma regroup from woo woop and change my game!
-Don't ask nobody ask me baby!

Yes, he is a pimp.
Yes, his finger waves and perm
are tighter than yours will ever be!

Clearly, I could go on!


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